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Erin Olmon

About Erin

I do User Experience Research and Design, Information Design, Information Architecture, and other related activities. "User Experience Designer" means different things to different people. I like to work in the realms of strategy, analysis, research, interaction design, and accessible design.

What I love about User Experience

The field of user experience lets me have fun with cool tools and technology while doing meaningful work that will improve the relationship people have with their technology. I love conducting user research — finding what drives people, attracts them, revolts them — and then applying that information to design solutions.

UX Super Power

Facilitating the User Experience Design process in cross-functional teams. I believe the design process is a collaborative effort. Each team member brings the perspective of their role to the design project, and I help us to negotiate the road from idea to product.

Education Background

I have an M.S. in Human Centered Design and Engineering (HCDE) with a concentration in User-Centered Design from the University of Washington. I learned a lot about usability, user research, information design, and more from really smart people in an amazing department.

I'm originally from Cincinnati, Ohio. I completed my undergraduate degree in Computer Engineering at the University of Cincinnati.